Get on the fast track
to playing songs you like

Have fun learning guitar using modern songs and techniques. If you're not thrilled about playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and learning from the standard guitar books written 40+ years ago, then this is the program for you.

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My Teaching Stye

I am currently focused on teaching beginning guitar students.
My teaching philosophy is that guitar lessons should be fun! Music is fun!

Through the years, I’ve found that many times instructors, instruction books, and videos make learning to play guitar overwhelming. Chords, scales, modes, arpeggios – it’s enough to give anyone a headache! Most people want to learn to play guitar so they can play along to their favorite song, or play in a band with their friends, or sit around a camp fire strumming an acoustic guitar on a summer’s night. My goal is to simplify the learning process and lay the framework the student needs to begin playing songs in the quickest manner possible.

Let’s get to the fun!
I use the latest learning materials to accomplish this, which I believe are less daunting to new students than the materials written 50+ years ago, that a lot of instructors still use.